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ET caught up with Bindi, her brother, Robert, and her mother at the Steve Irwin Gala dinner in Beverly Hills on Saturday, where they dismissed recent tabloid speculation that Terri had struck up a romance with the Nice Guys star."We were very lucky to have known Russell for a number of years.He's helped us protect the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve from strip mining," she added."He helps us through social media to get the word out.And it turns out that in the 10 years since her husband Steve Irwin passed Terri hasn't dated at all.As Terri shares how she still feels so connected to her late husband you'll be moved.So I think that’s really important." "Russell is a wonderful wildlife warrior," Irwin added."He was a dear friend of dad's, now a dear friend of ours. Just friends, for sure." RELATED: Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute to Late Father Steve on His 55th Birthday This isn't the first time the famous conservationist has called her parents "soul mates." In February, she shared a heartfelt image of her mother and father on Instagram with the caption, "Soulmates -- in this life and every other." The couple had been married for 14 years when Steve passed away in September 2006 from being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.

What a beautiful thing she is sharing for all those in a similar situation! You might not think of 'conservation' immediately when you think of Russell Crowe, but he is a great conservationist in his own right." Bindi and Terri added that Crowe is a "wildlife gladiator." "He's a really great dad too," Bindi shared."He has two wonderful boys that are really sweet and he's always there for his boys and is a great human being.After years of friendship and mutual affection, Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe broke the news to friends last week, revealing that they’ve been secretly dating for ‘several months’ and ‘can’t fight their love any longer’.The surprise relationship comes as insiders reveal that the Oscar-winning actor – who split from his wife Danielle Spencer in 2012 – has been spending a lot of time at Terri’s Sunshine Coast mansion.What we had was incredible.” Well, there you have it!


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