Updating omenserve list

A simple textfile that could grow up to 100KB or even more, depending on the number of files shared, it would not just contain a file listing, it also contained the exact command that had to be typed in order to request a file.With Auto Get, nobody typed or even dared to copy-and-paste since you would just double-click the corresponding lines and Autoget would take care of queue management etc.Since the server hosted the files to be shared, too, so that I would not have to have my desktop computer and m IRC/Omen Serve running all the time.This was not just about energy saving (a topic even back then way before “Green IT” got popular), it was also a question of noise and – of course – of incredible coolness.

Other tracking scripts use nick and/or host name for tracking users.

Table below shows Search Bot searching speed on various CPU's.

This FAQ attempts to answer the most frequently asked questions about m IRC.

This FAQ will only answer simple questions on IRC itself since lots of info is already available on that. Not all functions and features of m IRC are explained in the FAQ; it merely serves as a good starting point.

With the FAQ I hope to help you to get all possible basic problems solved, and to give you lots of good ideas about m IRC's scripting capabilities.


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