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The fact that the ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard has ten Serial ATA ports is probably the first thing you've noticed.

There's no mistaking those dark red Serial ATA II ports, nine of them spaced all over the motherboard, one e SATA type at the rear.

The screen goes black, and after 2-4 seconds, i get presented with the Ubuntu Log On Screen.

There is no clear pattern (or at least if have not noticed any).

Since we're dealing with the Intel ICH8R southbridge, SATA RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD is standard.

BIOS determines whether the motherboard is set for normal operation or a continuous loop of POST.

But check if the 8Pin 12V plug and the 24Pin ATX PSU power plugs are plugged in properly, make sure they dont bend too much or haven a lose cable. If nothing helps, power off the mainboard, switch the vbat discharge jumper on the bottom left of the board to disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes, then set it back to default and power the mainboard on again.

This Guide is intended for the Foxconn Quantum Force Blood Rage board, but the codes should be identical or very similar on all Mainboards with Award BIOSes (Gigabyte, DFI, etc) If your problem isnt described in this list or the tips listed here dont help you, send me a private message.Failure is normally due to the adapter ROM or the attached hardware Failure when the BIOS attempts to boot off the default drive set in CMOS is normally due to invalid CMOS drive setup or as given by an error message.If the system hangs there is an error in the Master Boot Record or the Volume Boot Record The display switch on the motherboard can be set to either monochrome or color.If the POST test is cycled 1-5 times over and over either the jumper for this function is set to burn=in or the circuitry involved has failed BIOS checks for any extended information of the chipset and stores it in the extended RAM area.Failure is normally due to invalid information and can be corrected by setting CMOS defaults.One time i am working with Netbeans, another time i am using firefox.


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