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Stanley entered that market in 1869, and by 1900 it was the dominant player, often buying out competitors. All Stanley tools were numbered; Stanley’s metal bench planes were first numbered based on size—the No.1 was 5 ½ inches long while the No. Many of the company’s planes and tools became standard for every woodworker’s tool kit, including the No.

One of the keys to Stanley’s success was to continually put tantalizing new products in front of consumers, whether they needed them or not. The company also made six aluminum models, which have the letter “A” before their model numbers. 80 scrapper (used to give wood a glass-like surface) and the classic No.

It may, on the other hand, just be really dirty/darkened varnish.

If the latter, you might want to try a furniture finish "refresher" to dissolve and wipe away the dirty part.

GTF, You won't find your plane identified in any of the antique tool sites because it's relatively new.

I do have a 1979 Stanley catalog and it lists the #12-204 as a "homeowner/handyman" grade (they also list the 12-004 which is their "professional" grade) smooth plane similar to the old Stanley #4.

Frequently, many of these so-called “innovations” were surface changes that didn’t necessarily make the product better or easier to use. Interestingly, the planes that were not especially popular back in the day are the most valuable ones to contemporary collectors—they were only produced for around 15 years as opposed to the 60- or 70-year run of a normal Stanley product. 45 combination plane, which is like a plow plane but also cuts various curved molding forms. 45 was produced between 18, and is still used by woodworkers.

Thanks to this policy, Stanley released more than 300 plane models. When Stanley released an improvement on the model, the No. 3 Smooth Bottom Bench Plane Type 8 (1899-1902) Rosewood Nice Stanley Bailey No. Antique Stanley No 112 Scraper Wood Plane Stanley No.71 Carpentry Woodworking Router Plane Stanley No. 9 Cabinetmaker' Block Plane With "hot Dog" Handle Antique Stanley No. 1 Simmons Stanley Frehley Criss Stanley&hill "motex" Minor Rear Carbide Cycle Light Circa 1910/15Vintage Stanley Bailey No.

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For that reason, if you search the forum for the thread in which a post appeared using specific words or phrases in these posts it may be necessary to make several tries, in case what you search for doesn't appear in the original.Introduction This is a bunch of longish posts I have made about hand planes on the Wood Net Hand Tools forum.They were all answers to specific questions; you get to try to guess what the original questions were. Many of the posts have been edited since they were posted.Thanks Oh man, Stephen--there are probably as many ways to reply to your questions as there are Neander types.So, here is my two cents' worth: On the handles--if it's really black paint, the original varnish finish must have been shot and the wood possibly discolored." Actually, though, the biggest reason people can't figure out which small set of planes would do them the most good is that they do not understand why there are so many in the first place. I believe that will make it easier for you to make your own decision.


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