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Hotels' Response Christopher Avery, the director of the London-based Business & Human Rights Resource Centre -- which tracks the impact on human rights of 5,000 companies around the world -- told RFE/RL that it was incumbent on the hotels to show that they have taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen again.

"Concerns were raised that this was happening in hotels, and indeed, there is evidence that it did happen in hotels," he said.

All responded that they have corporate policies in place to ensure the rights of their guests are respected. "I can tell you that it is not possible to install hidden cameras in our hotel rooms," the Excelsior's security chief replied.

"Because we know how to fight against this kind of illegal activity.

We’re dealing with the matter internally that’s all we can say,' a spokeswoman for Marsh Ltd said.

Several of the shocked patrons captured the entire sordid affair as it unfolded – then posted a number of videos and images on social media. Finally they moved to the back of them room, thinking they were unseen.” Horrifyingly, for those involved at least, the images and videos went viral.

"Now whether this is the hotels acting in complicity with the government, whether they were pressured by the government or by somebody else to allow the cameras to be planted, or whether this happened without the hotels' knowledge, we don't know.

"But the very fact that this has happened is something that the hotels have to carry some responsibility for." Avery's group questioned the corporate offices of seven international hotels in Baku: the Excelsior, Hilton, Hyatt, Kempinski, Radisson, Ramada, and Sheraton.

But perhaps the biggest difference in Valdivia’s analysis of the competing catalogs is in the poses.

While Victoria’s Secret models prefer dreamy, expectant and passive poses, Frederick’s models “engage the camera,” hands on hips.


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