Novell roaming prifile not updating

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Periodically we’re asked “what is the best way to auto-create home, roaming profile, and folder redirection folders instead of Administrators creating and configuring the NTFS permissions manually?

” The techniques in this post requires you to use the environment variable %USERNAME% in the user’s home folder attribute when you create the users account.

Workstation Manager expands the Net Ware Administrator program's capabilities by letting you add a new type of object that represents an NT workstation to the NDS tree.

You change the home folders for the user afterwards, but we are all about making the Admin’s life easier. This is done by going to the Profile tab of the user account in Active Directory Users and Computers.

If you’re having problems using Zenworks 7.0.1 imaging with Dell Optiplex 755 workstations, you need to apply the Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 SP1 Interim Release 3a update per TID 3761823.

You can find links to the updated Zenworks 7 SP1 software in TID 3484245.

NDS is the popular Net Ware-based directory service that stores information about network resources (e.g., users, groups, printers, and volumes) in a distributed database.

Objects organized into a hierarchical tree design represent an entire enterprise network's resources.


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