Google music mobile site not updating

But in bringing this new app version up on my i Phone, it seems like an all-new app.

In fact, I had to break out my Lumia 950 to compare it side-by-side with the version of Groove I consider to be the best yet. The Your Groove feature is missing, but that’s a secondary music discover feature compared to Explore, which is in fact available on Android and i OS: This feature works like the music discoverability features in Spotify, Apple Music and other services, and provides hand-curated playlists based on mood, activity, and genre.

I guess IAP and stuff won't work however unless the app goes through Google Play (? They have a caching system much like Apple App Store among others. It will be great if stuff was instant, by digital-life still not so perfect. Then I went into the phones settings and cleared the play stores cache, which worked immediately, and I could download the latest alpha version.

From my experience, once or twice a day the cache system gets flushed and the market gets updated. I had a similar issue where my tester was able to see the production version of my app in Play Store but not the new Beta version update even though it was uploaded many hours before and available to other Beta testers as an update.

I was expecting it to update automatically on my device. Also, make sure you have the Play Store version of the app on your device, not the signed-with-debug-key-by-eclipse version.

According to Google It used to be quite a bit quicker, but the Play Store has grown a lot in the last few years.

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During this time, the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app has emerged as the best on any platform, while the versions for Android and i Phone have sat, stagnant and unchanged, since their initial releases last September. And in issuing major updates to the Android and i Phone versions of Groove, Microsoft has in effect answered all of my major complaints about this platform.

This same trick worked for the family plan when it arrived as well.

If that trick doesn’t work, then maybe you need to update your Google Play Music app first.

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service and online music locker operated by Google.

The service was announced on May 10, 2011, and after a six-month, invitation-only beta period, it was publicly launched on November 16.


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