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The problem with this concept is that it is rooted in the idea that it is better to be cisgender than to be transgender.If there is an acceptance of transgender women as women, then we need to be able to say that there is nothing inferior about transgender women versus cisgender women. Transgender women are often held up to a higher standard of womanhood than cisgender (people who are not transgender) women are. And while lots of women do not have them, they are still accepted as women. These days, many people have accepted the idea of transgender women as women, but I've also noticed that only certain transgender women really get accepted as women.This week in Hollywood dating drama, it looks like sparks are flying between Bella Thorne and reality star Savannah Chrisley over pro basketball player Chandler Parsons. As for Bella, she seems to have Savannah's shade on her radar. Even more telling, Savannah reportedly took to Instagram Live shortly after to snark on fishnet stockings, saying they're best worn as part of a Halloween costume — a possible dig at Bella's game-night outfit.But going by the sneak peek of Monday night's episode, Jonathan Cheban and Joey Essex appear to be in a far from amorous mood.Taking part in a speed dating event for the show, Jonathan is on his 'date' with a lady named Izzy, while Joey is sat chatting to someone named Chanel.

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Opened in 1910, Hirakata Park is the oldest amusement park in Japan. I'm Not," then captioned the now-deleted photo, "@chandlerparsons who? And to make it clear she was there to cheer on Chandler, Bella wore his jersey and painted his number, 25, on her cheek. On Instagram, she shared a quote that read, "Let's Get One Thing Straight. The question is: Was there more to Savannah's apparent change of heart? On Tuesday night, Bella's Snapchat showed her sitting courtside at a Grizzlies game wearing a purple wig and fishnet bodysuit.Joey then brazenly tells Chanel that he 'fancies her', despite the person running the event asking everyone to move on to the next date.'Would you like to go on a date with me?' Joey asks, essentially breaking the speed dating rules.A bitter Jonathan overhears this and says: 'This is f**king awkward!


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