Do white men hate black men for dating white women man dating tips

Umm I don't own any women so they are free to do whatever they want. he's a greasy little black troll who site in his mammy's basement spanking his little pud to b/w porn and typing his racist fantasies on topix. I have have great life, great job and the perfect man - and he's black - yes white men - he is black and he is beautiful and he is sexy and he is quite the lover. Stick around maybe if you are a good little scumbag you may get to read something really juicy.Frankly it's 2011 and most of us "white men" could really give a rat's ass who you choose to see. A better question is why do you keep trying to start threads that will cause problems. So tell us about your life Medicine Man - are you a man?? By the way lowlife, you don't bother me but I must bother the hell out of you. Oh great ruler have you no brains - you just don't get it maybe because you are one of the white men I described here.Let me start by first reflecting on one of my grandmother’s mantras.People treat you the way you teach them to treat you.The white men who can get past the mental anguish of my black penis tarnishing "their" women think I'm making some latent admission that their race has the most attractive women.White women range from those so intrigued by black men that it veers into fetish to those so reluctant to date black men that it feels more racist than preference-driven.

My grandmother would tell me this often when she was bestowing jewels of advice to me in regards to love and dealing with men. This love mantra if you will, is what assisted me in deciding who I should continue to date and whose time on my clock has just ended. This is why when I hear other Black women make comments that Black men are more willing to treat White women better while dating and in a relationship than they would Black women, I have to offer the screw face. You avoid any questions concerning your life and it's because as we all know - you don't have a life. I think I would prefer a corpse compared to you - they aren't nasty like you.She also often instructed me to never beg a man to love me. Now, this topic is an onion of sorts because it is packed with so many layers that I even had trouble deciding how I should attack it. I can remember sitting at her dining room table and her refusing to allow me to call back a guy I was dating who suddenly decided unbeknownst to me, that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with me.Kanye West once rapped about how successful black men will "leave your ass for a white girl," and then put himself into that box by marrying a white woman, furthering the pervasiveness of flawed, generic ideas about interracial relationships.


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