Dating of elko eared rojectile points

Elko series points consist of large, corner-notched triangular forms with variable shoulder and haft treatment.

WSA-Survey recently conducted three seasons of excavations at the Game Creek site (48TE1573) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.Some “projectile point” types may include other kinds of symmetrical, bifacial tools, such as knives, rather than projectile points. The most comprehensive and detailed recent discussion of projectile point types represented in prehistoric California is by Noel D. A substantial portion of what follows has been extracted from his book. A type of large, thin points with straight or expanding stems. A side-notched variety was defined, but has not been accorded temporal or spatial significance (cf. O'Connell (1967) demonstrates the utility of Elko Corner-notched and Eared variants as temporal markers, and these are the two predominant Elko variants.This content is available through Read Online (Free) program, which relies on page scans.The Game Creek site is a multicomponent open camp with at least 19 dated cultural components spanning much of the last 10,350 years.


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