Dating 20 questions

Am Ende ist aber eine entspannte, ungezwungene Unterhaltung das, was ein gutes Date ausmacht.

Außerdem möchte wohl keiner die Szene aus nachspielen, in der Cameron Diaz Jude Law bei ihrem ersten Aufeinandertreffen mit ihren bohrenden Fragen ordentlich ins Schwitzen bringt.

"But how can I establish our compatibility before we've gotten all up in each other's facial space and smashed our mouths together? By asking them the 20 questions contained herein, THAT’S HOW.

Are you ready to take an up-close and potentially highly uncomfortable look inside your crush's brain? If we go home together tonight, I’m not really going to want to cuddle. Will you be willing to take a backseat to my career? ’ And every time we do this, we discover new and interesting things about each other.In his book “The Seven principles of Making a Marriage Work,” famed relationship researcher John Gottman (the dude who can predict whether a couple will get divorced with something like 95% accuracy after watching them interact for only a few minutes) cites “enhancing your love maps” as the first principle. Like, is this a regular thing, or a once in a while treat?


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