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Sooner or later, after a political process of intimidations, he began asking the presidents of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria to withdraw from their jobs. President Mubarak, Shiite, was cast out and replaced by the Sunni terrorist group Brotherhood, backed by the American government. Mubarak recovered his liberty after being in jail for five years, and Egypt is the only country where people have been living a relatively peaceful life. President Salenh, Shiite, was toppled and was replaced with de facto Sunni president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi who governs the country from Saudi Arabia where he has found refuge, due to the civil war that began after Salenh was deposed in 2014. President Gaddafi, Shiite, who had reestablished a relationship with Europe and the U. did not resign and President Obama in retaliation, against the advice of the Army and ignoring the decision of congress, which did not find any reasonable cause to attack Libya, on one Saturday, on March, 2011, on only one day, began the invasion deploying 9.500 bombs over the country between March and October 2011, according to officials information at that time.

Gaddafi who considered Obama his best friend, resisted and finally was assassinated when driving his private car moving without military protection, from SIRTE, his native city, to a nearby place in Libya, in order to sign a supposed peace agreement with Hillary Clinton, according to a BBC version at that time. President Assad, Shiite also, rejected president Obama’s order to step down considering the international interventionism of president Obama completely absurd. On February 25 of 2012, in Tunis at an international CONFERENCE presided by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the participation of several countries, mainly Arabs: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arabs Emirates, Obama made un ALIANCE and declared an informal war against Assad-Syria.

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OBAMA’ SYRIA WAR-The Truth of Syria Civil War- Historical Synthesis of the Civil War in Syria.


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